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Another day me and Ilkka had a conversation about Finnish and Sami language, especially about the small orthodox tribe (less than 1000 people) called "Koltti-Sami" or "Skolt-Sami". They are known for their quite specific family names, so we were joking about how to "koltti-samitize" our own names.

That made me Google about Sami names in general and I found a website of Nordic names with quite fascinating selection. My absolute favourites are:

Uksáhkká (sounds almost like Uga-chaka)
Sami name, combination of Sami uksa = 'door' and Sami áhkká = 'wife, woman, mother'
In Sami Mythology, Uksáhkká is a goddess who lives beneath the door. She protects babies, especially when they start to walk. Her sisters are Juoksáhkká and Sáráhkká.

Sami name, combination of Juoksa = 'bow* and Sami áhkká = 'wife, woman, mother'
In Sami Mythology, Juoksáhkká is a goddess who lives beneath the back of the tent or house, behind the fire place. She decides wheather an unborn baby will become a girl or a boy.

Sami name, combination of an unknown first element which might be related to a Sami verb meaning 'to separate, to devide' and Sami áhkká = 'wife, woman, mother'
In Sami Mythology, Sáráhkká is a spin goddess who lives beneath the fire place. She creates the bodies of babies in her own body and puts them into the wombs of women so they become pregnant.

How cool is that?
I have never met anyone with those names, but I could use one for my alter ego. :D

I also found really intriguing names from Greenland:

Piloqutinnguaq, Greenlandic name = 'sweet little leaf'
Aaggaataat, Greenlandic form of Agathe
Fariitariikka, Greenlandic form of Frederika
Maliinannguaq, Greenlandic name = 'sweet little one to follow'
Oqitsoq, Greenlandic name = 'she, who is lightweight'
Sikkersoq, Greenlandic name = 'blossom'

I wonder if the authorities would accept my inquiry to change my name officially to Sikkersoq-Uksahkka? Or Sarahkka-Maliinanguaq? Or even just Piloqutinnguaq? I really love those names!

Well, I think I will still keep mine - it is already difficult enough for the many foreigners, but at least I can pronounce it myself. :-)

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