You are an extraordinary woman!

In my very first days in Thailand, I saw an old lady passing by on the street. She was extremely elegant, had a beautiful body, a very aristocratic posture and a tiny dog running on her feet. I thought she must be some French dame... Next morning I saw the same lady in the beach - she was doing exercises and bended like a ballerina. I almost could not believe my eyes! It was freaking awesome! Later she was passing me again and her dog came to sniff my feet. That was my chance. I asked her if she speaks English and we started to talk.
It was first time I saw her really close. I was almost shocked. Because she was so ugly and beautiful at the same time. She was covered with ugliest wrinkles and you could see the signs of a wild life on her face, but at the same time she was so amazing, you just couldn't stop looking at her. And the elegant outfit - when being close, you see everything has been in use already long time, has been needing a lot of fixes and lost the colour, but the way she wore the it, made it irresistible. Her name is Karin and she is from Norway. She is 73 years old and she has been doing the morning exercise every day past 25 years. Her husband Stephan (who I also met later) is Hungarian and they have 5 children, oldest son was visiting us in Samui as well. Aaah, and they speak French to each other! So I was quite close with my French dame estimations. Last 10 years Karin and Stephan have been living in a yellow sailing boat, just going from one beautiful place to another, staying in a peaceful bay and using a small boat to reach the land. They arrived to Samui around the same time I did and they staid after I left, planning to go to Malaysia next. They live very simple, because everything they need is in the boat and food is generally cheap in Asia. I spent great time with this odd old royal hippie couple. The list of the countries where they have been living is longer than I remember. But what touched me the most was peace, love and happiness written all over Karin's ugly wrinkled beautiful face. "You are an extraordinary woman", I told her. "I want to be like you one day". "You will", she smiled.

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