Third Culture Kid syndrome (TCK)

You know you are TCK when:

1. You can curse convincingly in at least five different languages. / check
2.  To everyone’s confusion, your accent changes depending on who you’re talking to. / check (amazes also myself every now and then)
3. And you often slip foreign slang into your English by mistake, which makes you unintelligible to most people. / check (you should hear the weird language we are talking up in Lapland
4. You’re really good at calculating time differences, because you have to do it every time you call your parents. / check (almost)
5. Your passport looks like it’s been through hell and back. / check
6. You have a love-hate relationship with the question “Where are you from?” You have both a short and long answer ready, and you pick one depending on who’s asking. / check (sometimes if too many people ask it in a short period, I tend to forget what did I finally told them...)
7. You’ve spent an absurd and probably unhealthy amount of time on airplanes. / check (and airports)
8. Your list of significant others’ nationalities reads like a soccer World Cup bracket. / check
9. Your circle of good friends is as politically, racially, and religiously diverse as the United Nations. / check
10. You’ve had the most rigorous sensitivity training of all: real life. / check
11. You know that McDonald’s tastes drastically different from country to country. / check
12. You’re a food snob because you’ve sampled the best and most authentic of every possible cuisine. / check
13. You don’t call it “home.” You call it “passport country.” / kind of, see point 6.
14. You often find yourself singing along to songs in languages you don’t speak or understand. / check
15. You feel incredibly lucky to have loved ones and memories scattered all over the globe. / check
16. You know better than anyone else that “home” isn’t a place, it’s the people in it. / check
17. And you can’t wait to see where your life adventure takes you next. / check

TCK by heart

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