Charms of Porvoo

For those who have never heard of Porvoo, I copy few lines from tourist info pages.

Within a less than hour from Helsinki, Porvoo is an idyllic destination for some rustic romanticism in the Finnish countryside. With history dating back to the 14th century, the Old Town of Porvoo is charm defined.

The Old Town of Porvoo is unique. The mosaic-like town plan with its maze of streets and irregularly shaped plots dates back to the Middle Ages. The cathedral is surrounded by a charming old town where some houses are several hundred years old and still standing strong, although there is hardly a right angle to be found. The small idyllic parks and sleepy cobbled streets among the houses entice the visitors to linger and reflect on the past. Read more.

I discovered this town few years ago thanks to Essi, who lives there and has become a very special friend. This post is as much about her as the city. There is something sweet and magical about both of them. I love the scents of history and Porvoo is full of this kind of charm.

Few month ago Essi moved to the big old house at the riverside in the middle of Old Town. Since then she opened her historical home to the guests - this private B&B or guesthouse called "Pesä" (The Nest in Finnish) is available for visitors to stay overnight in unique atmosphere at home of the most friendly family you have ever met.

Essi has renovated it with her own hands and used her astonishing talent of interior design. You'll find the mix of old, romantic, bohemian, intelligent space, a perfect fit to the Old Town of Porvoo.
Guest rooms have their own entrance, but are sharing a bathroom and kitchen with the family. You'll have a living room (with convertible sofa bed) and a spacious bedroom for your use at Pesä. Including Essi's warm care, tips and recommendation what to do and where to go.

There are plenty of cafeterias, restaurants, gourmet shops, art&craft boutiques to stay in Porvoo at least two days or more. Also the seaside and surroundings are worth to spend some time there. You can take a day trip to Porvoo from Helsinki, but I would actually suggest to try vice versa - stay in Porvoo and visit Helsinki for a day. You won't regret, you'll be so much more richer of experiences.
And of course there are several really lovely hotels in Porvoo, but if you liked my story about Essi - ask me how to find this little pearl!

NB! Essi and her home are going to be a part of the TV-show "Most beautiful homes in Finland" in Autumn 2015, the series are already filmed in summer and we have fingers crossed for her to win this prize!

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